L.R Hill Custom Builders


Dear Larry,

First of all, please accept our sincerest thanks. We would also like to pass along our unsolicited feedback on what it has been like for us to do business with L. R. Hill Custom Builders.

In a word - WOW !!! We simply cannot imagine how the Larry Hill Team could have performed any better in building our new home. At the end of the building process, new homeowners are typically asked if they would do it again. The question is meant to assess the heartache too many new owners endure with their building process (both before and after closing) and more specifically to gauge their frustration with the builder. When Regina and I are asked that question - and we have been asked dozens of times - we proudly offer a consistent answer, "Yes, we would do it again but only with Larry Hill." We then offer some additional comments. We through you might enjoy reading some of what we have said about you "behind your back", so-to-speak.

- Some homeowners long for their American Dream, Larry builds that dream - and then some.

- Some custom builders proclaim quality and value, Larry Hill delivers these - and then so much more...every step of the way!

- An artist, a craftsman, a business man, a perfectionist and a people person, for us, Larry Hill has truly been a man for all seasons.

We must emphasize strongly that these same qualities also have been shown consistently by every member of your team. And what an unbeatable team it is. It has been truly remarkable to witness the exceptional talents of every team member. There have been no exceptions! Framers, masons, painters, plumbers, electricians, roofers, heating and AC, tile and so many more supported many different, but no less important roles. We will greatly miss trying to beat Paul in finding a construction miscue before he could spot and remedy it. We gave it our very best try but failed to catch Paul in a missed detail. You are blessed to have a Superintendent as gifted as Paul. He is truly world class!

We had intended to limit this letter to one page. Yet we couldn't. There are so many ways to express how much we have enjoyed working with you, Larry. You have a remarkable blend of engineering talent and artistic gifts which are perfectly matched to your profession. You simply have no equal in this industry. You would easily be a Flag Officer if you were engaged in my "line of work". Special talent is easy to recognize and you are blessed with a special set of talents which dwarf any and all of your competitors, combined. We will miss working with you as you educated us in many of the intricacies of quality custom home-building. It has been our absolute pleasure to be a proud customer of L.R. Hill Custom Builders and a grateful friend to the Larry Hill Team. Please pass along our heartfelt thanks for the new home your team has created for our family!!! We shall treasure it - and the memory of the professional team that built it - always.

Nick & Regina S., Virginia Beach, VA "Customer of L R Hill Custom Builders"

I felt it necessary to comment on our recent service experience with a member of your team, Michelle.

Michelle's professional demeanor, common courtesy and ability to make recommendations based on our tastes and budget are the largest asset that you have in your organization.

Michelle first took the time to get to know both of us; our likes and dislikes, our past homes, our dreams and aspirations and most importantly, our vision for out "Little Beach House" in East Beach. She sat with us on many a Saturday afternoon and took time out of her schedule with her family to patiently review and revisit the decisions that we made at every step of the way. She has a skill for envisioning what our home would end up looking like and there were many times that she made subtle recommendations that have become some of our favorite features in our new home.

As with any transaction involving this many zeros, the stress level can be high at times. Michelle was able to patiently and professionally guide us through the process and has made us both fans of L.R. Hill for many years to come.

We will tell hundreds of our friends and colleagues what a wonderful experience we've had and we will attribute much of it to her. Please be sure to recognize Michelle for her hard work and do not neglect to bear in mind what a wonderful asset she is to your organization.

Brian, Jaceyln M., Norfolk, VA

Mr. Hill,

It has been almost two years since we closed on our new home in Greystone. All of the warranty items have been taken care of by Jeff. We are writing this letter to let you know that the entire building experience was Great. I want you and all the members of your staff to know that we have thoroughly enjoyed our new home and the building experience. It was not perfect, nothing in life is perfect. The sub-contractors and all merchants that we spoke to in the 7-8 months of the building process were great. I would like to point out that Paul and Nick, as both were very professional in their dealings with me. I was fortunate that I was able to be in the house for a lot of the construction period and I was amazed at the detail involved. Whenever we noted something to Paul it was handled in a very professional manner, or he explained in a very reasonable way why it was the homeowner's responsibility. I have no complaints.

There is no doubt in our mind that if we decide to build a house again, there is only one builder that we would consider in the Hampton Roads area, that builder is L.R. Hill.

I also consider it a pleasure to know that I was able to meet you at the construction site on more than one occasion. Most of the people I have met in the neighborhood can not say that they met their builder at their construction site. We can see and feel the quality that has gone into building our home. We have had many visitors since we moved in and we have had nothing but good things to say about our building experience as well as receiving many compliments on the detail in our home. Our experience has been the topic of many conversations with our neighbors and most of the homeowners that have a Hill home have a very similar experience, so that was very comforting. Our neighbors that have homes constructed by other builders do not have as nice of a story to tell about their entire building process. We feel that we received our money's worth. Thank you.

Grady & Terricita S., Chesapeake, VA

Dear Larry:

I want to thank you for your kind, professional and valued assistance during my recent purchase. You made me feel very comfortable while I tweaked the design for my home. A Builder of your high caliber could have easily rejected my ideas but you not only accepted them, you respected my ideas and readily incorporated them into your plans. This was very much appreciated.

I also want to thank you for the help provided by your foreman, Paul. Paul has been a tremendous help to me. He is extremely talented and very customer service oriented. He has a "can do" attitude next to none. He always responds to my calls immediately and positively. Like you, he has made me feel like a valued partner in the home-buying process. It's been such a pleasure working with him.

Finally, I want to thank you for keeping everything simple and honest. We accomplished everything based on integrity and mutual respect. Unlike up here in the D.C. area where I was born and raised, there was no need for lawyers or lengthy, drawn out contracts. Our words across the table, via email, on the phone, or through the Agent were good enough for each of us. What a breath of fresh air.

It's been such a pleasure working with you and your company. Who knows, as my family and friends come down to visit me in East Beach, I'm sure there will be some that will want to make East Beach (or the Virginia Beach/Norfolk area) their home, too. If so, I will certainly recommend you and your company as the builder.

Thanks again for everything. You've made the first step on my new life a very pleasant one.

David P., Norfolk, VA

I felt it necessary to comment on our recent service experience with a member of your team, Paul.

Paul worked diligently and patiently to ensure that our concerns were taken care of in a timely fashion. On many occasions we would visit the home on our way to/from the office and would notice little "problems" that were occurring around the property. In many, if not most cases, those problems were remedied before we even had the chance to pick up the phone and place a call to Paul.

Paul has a great knack for customer service. In most cases when he returned my calls he would start the conversation by saying: "I understand that you are not 100% satisfied with something that has gone on in the home and I want you to know that I will work to fix this problem." He took the old adage: "The customer is always right" to a new level!

Paul should be commended for his hard work. He is a great asset to your team and he has made this experience a very pleasurable one for us.

Brian & Jacelyn M., Norfolk, VA